H.S. and J.H. Staff


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Junior High Staff

Name Phone Ext. Subject  E-Mail Address 
Davis, Alexis 5227 Instrumental Music ADavis@northcentralschool.org
Hall, Heather 5283 JH Reading/English HHall@northcentralschool.org
Kappen, Tana 5225 JH English/Reading  TKappen@northcentralschool.org
Mickey, Andrew 5232 JH Physical Education AMickey@northcentralschool.org
Ridinger, Aubrie 5264 JH History ARidinger@northcentralschool.org
Shell, John 5245 JH Cross Categorical JShell@northcentralschool.org
Slamka, Don 5237 JH Science  DSlamka@northcentralschool.org
Tavierne, Tyler 5282 JH Math TTavierne@northcentralschool.org
Waidelich, Brooke 5228 JH Science / Math BWaidelich@northcentralschool.org
Wilcox, Casey 5268 JH Intervention CWilcox@northcentralschool.org 

High School Staff

Name Phone Ext. Subject  E-Mail Address 
Davis, Alexis 5227 Instrumental Music ADavis@northcentralschool.org 
Ford, Ludmila 5230 HS Spanish LFord@northcentralschool.org
Good, Bonnie 5253 HS Food/CBI BGood@northcentralschool.org 
Hills, Kelli 5224 HS English 11-12 KHills@northcentralschool.org 
Kappen, Tana 5225 JH English TKappen@northcentralschool.org
Luthy, Sarah 5234 HS Math SLuthy@northcentralschool.org
Meyers, Deb 5203 SWAT Tech Team (Students Working to Advance Technology), Drama Dept. DebMeyers@northcentralschool.org
Marshall, Shane 5293 English 9 / 10 SMarshall@northcentralschool.org
Mickey, Andrew 5232 HS Physical Education AMickey@northcentralschool.org 
Parrott, Adam 5222 HS Science AParrott@northcentralschool.org 
Ridinger, Aubrie 5264 HS History ARidinger@northcentralschool.org
Rupp, Derek 5221 HS Science DRupp@northcentralschool.org
Shamp, Nathan 5279 Govt., U.S. History, Global Studies NShamp@northcentralschool.org 
Shell, John 5245 HS Cross Categorical JShell@northcentralschool.org
Szymanski, Alecia 5263 Art AGarrow@northcentralschool.org
Tracey, Jess 5233 HS Vo Ag JTracey@northcentralschool.org 
Waidelich, Greg 5231 HS Math GWaidelich@northcentralschool.org
Weyandt, Debbie 5285 Opportunity School/Suspension Center DWeyandt@northcentralschool.org